The Savant Complete Pack is a compilation of many (if not all) Savant albums, EP and singles. It is available through Bandcamp.

Works Included Edit

This list is subject to change and may be outdated at times, as it is unclear under which conditions an album, EP or single gets included in the Complete Pack.

Album, EP or Single Name Number of Tracks Notes
Ninür 13
Vario 16
Overworld 17
ISM 13 does not include ISM (Orchestral Suite)
Alchemist 22
Overkill 12
♥ (Heart) 5
Cult 14 includes all of "japan bonus tracks"
Orakel 22 includes Origin (Remix)
Protos 18
Thank You 2
Invasion 18
Fire 3
Savior 2
Forsaken 1
Jester 14