Not to be confused with Overkill (Song)
Overkill is the sixth album of Aleksander Vinter released under the Savant alias. Originally an EP meant to gather a number of recent singles made under Savant, it was then properly recognize as an album, with a new release containing added tracks.

Track List Edit

NOTE : Considering the various releases and tracklists available for this album/EP, the reference for this tracklist is the one featured in the Savant - Complete compilation.

Track Number Title Length Notes
1 Big Ben 1:22
2 Requiem Of Dreams 5:38
3 Overkill 4:56
4 Storm The Gates 3:11
5 Aces Sleeved 9:00
6 Technodrome 3:44
7 Vario 64 3:30
8 Vinter In Hollywood 5:15 Re-Mastering of LOVE (Vinter in Hollywood Song)
9 Wade In The Water 5:36
10 Wildstyle 3:54
11 Feel Me 2:31
12 Shark 4:30