Not to be confused with MASK.
Masks is an EP by Aleksander Vinter under the alias of Vinter in Hollywood. It was released in 2010 and features possibly Vinter's first successful track, Ride Like The Wind.

Track List Edit

Track Number

Title Length Notes
1 Ride Like The Wind 4:06 A music video was made for this track.
2 MASK 3:42
3 Kingdom Of Hearts 3:22
4 Instrumentals (Demo) 4:01
5 Spacewolfe (Album Demos 2010) 4:05
6 Dungeon (Demo For Zelda Project) 3:57

Trivia Edit

Despite containing 6 songs, only half of them are complete tracks.

It is speculated that Spacewolfe demo present in this EP is in fact an early demo of what would eventually become Protos. Aleks' mentioned, in a 2013 interview with Beatport, that he was working on a pop album at the time, but failed to have it picked up.[1]

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