Bajo is the first of 3 EPs from the Aleksander Vinter alias, Blanco.

It was released on November 20th 2015, despite aiming for a November 27th 2015 release.[1]

Track List Edit

Track Number Title Length Translation(Needs citation from natural speakers) Notes
1 Bajo 3:38 Spanish: Bass
2 Bailamos 4:08 Spanish: (We) Dance ft. Eben JR
3 Polvo 4:10 Spanish: Dust ft. SVNR
4 Camarilla 4:54 Spanish: Clique ft. Dyland
5 Dios 3:50 Spanish: God
6 Carpe Diem 4:41 Latin: Seize The Day ft. Turbulence

Development and Splitting into 3 EPs Edit

Aleks first began teasing the return of his Alias Blanco around May of 2015, posting a few teaser videos of early songs. He continued posting these videos until on June 16 2015, an official set list for the then EP was posted via screenshot.

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The screenshot posted on 16 June 2015

Later, on Twitter - Aleks announced that the EP had grown so much that it could now be considered an official album.[2] The name Bajo was also announced via Twitter.[2]

On August 28th it was announced on the official Blanco Facebook page that Bajo would only be the first in list of 3 EPs, none of which have been named yet.[3]

Then, on October 17th, Aleks posted to the Blanco Facebook page saying that the "EP is wrapped up" and that he is aiming to release the EP on November 27th, 2015.[1]

WIP Track Lists Edit

June 16th, 2015 Edit

Track Number Title Length Translation(Needs citation from natural speakers)
1 Alboroto 2:01 Spanish: Rampage
2 Bailamos 5:42 Spanish: (We) Dance
3 Fracasado 4:25 Spanish: Failed
4 Polvo 5:02 Spanish: Dust
5 Jesus 6:17

July 7th, 2015[4] Edit

Track Number Title Translation(Needs citation from natural speakers)
1 Bajo Spanish: Bass
2 Bunda Portuguese: Ass
3 Alboroto Spanish: Rampage
4 Bailamos Spanish: (We) Dance
5 Mono Spanish: Monkey (May not need translation)
6 Volar Spanish: Fly
7 Jesus
8 Camarilla Spanish: Clique
9 Polvo Spanish: Dust
10 Serengeti

Cover art evolution Edit


The first cover, teased along side the few videos in May-June of 2015

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The second cover. Posted September 24 2015


The final album cover titled "Maldición de Bajo", which translates to "Under Curse". Posted October 17 2015

References Edit

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