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This is the unofficial Wikia of /r/savant, a subreddit dedicated to the music and creations of Norwegian producer, Aleksander Vinter.

Who is Savant?Edit

Every now and then our ears are witness to something new, something it never expected. Usually it signifies the birth of a new genre of music, other times its the perfection of one. Sometimes if we are really lucky we will become a part of something bigger. At first listen, it is the impossible. After that, it is the realization of dreams. For EDM and beyond that something is SAVANT.

Savant is Aleksander Vinter, an incredibly talented musician who has created over 10,000 songs to date. He was born with Asperger's Syndrome, and once he discovered how good he was at making music there was no turning back for him. Under Savant, Aleksander has made a dozen albums to date, with more set in the future. He is not your average EDM producer. His albums are full-length albums, and each one has a particular style that changes with each album. Genre has never been particular to any Savant productions. He has other past aliases, with his most recently revived alias being Blanco. He has released an album under Blanco on 11/20/15 called Bajo.

Latest activityEdit

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